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Director to graphics, engineering and visual content development worldwide


Managed in-house creative teams and departments, multi disciplined, highly diversified and unruly  


Leadership to production pipelines on multifaceted projects with unusual and sometimes impossible challenges


Developed content and graphics for varied clientele, addressing juxtaposition purposes and erudite production requirements


Director of Creative Services  –  MetaTV (Comcast), Mill Valley, CA

• Engineering & graphics team director – broadcast & cable industry 


Art Director  –  Electronic Arts, Redwood Shores, CA

• Art production teams leader in US and Europe 


General Manager  –  Newdle Design, Sausalito, CA 

• Director to company development & restructure


Consultant & Advisor  –  Lamplighter Studio, San Francisco, CA

• Director to business development and creative production


Creative Advisor  –  Global Launch Management,  Sacramento, CA

• Consultant to start-up focused on product launch services


Creative Director  –  App Development Company, San Rafael, CA 

• Director of Creative Production on Trans-Media projects

 Private pilot, motorcyclist and father to Reo (Meyers parrot).

Notable Projects

CFS - Civilian Flight Simulator, Electronic Arts

2 years, 2.5 million-dollar project for Electronic Arts.  My development team created the original game concept, sample graphics, game play and competitive game modules and unique game features.  I lead all facits of creative development, design and production methodology.  Two years in Development.

Comcast Portal for MetaTV

Lead the Creative Services team which designed the “look and feel” for Comcast’s interactive television products.  The team created all design concepts, navigation, wire frames and style samples used as core design for several other cable companies.  One year Development.

Video Lab Developer for 3DO

Designed & assembled components used to capture digital images from a live stage, models & props for integration to the 3DO game console.  I assembled the equipment, designed, constructed the studio and established the production pipeline and was a principle in motion capture development.  1.5 years.

Solaris Rollout for Sun Microsystems 

When Sun Microsystems introduced the Solaris Operating System worldwide, they elected to do a live simulcast via closed circut.  My artist group designed and produced the all the graphics & animation for the event, in addition, co-produced the event with the broadcast group.  3 Months production.

Ferrari 308 GTS advertising campaign

For FERRARI, as studio manager and lead photographic illustrator at McBride Advertising, Beverly Hills, CA, I arranged the production for a series of ads that introduces the Ferrari 308 GTS or the Western regional market.  Production time, extended over two years.

18 Video games development participation

Jurassic Park                                 action-adventure

Twisted                                          game show

Blade Force                                   action-adventure

That's Incredible                           game show

Rush.                                              racing

Killing Time                                    action-adventure

High Heat Baseball                       sports

Road Rash (2)                                racing

Tiger Woods Golf                          sports

Jane's Commando                        action-adventure

IAF                                                  flight simulator

WWII                                               flight simulator

CFS (Civilian Flight Simulator)      flight simulator

Fleet Command                             strategy

USAF                                              flight sim

James Bond - TWINE (PC)            action-adventure

Sub 2K                                           strategy                               on line interface

Notalbe Clients



Oakland A's



Aston Martin


Ford Motors

Mc Donalds



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